Four Fully Integrated Simulation Suites

The fully integrated simulation suites can be configured to replicate an operating room, two-room intensive care unit, two-bed emergency room, labor and delivery suite, or other clinical setting. In addition, each suite features an observation room, a high-fidelity mannequin, and digital recording system capabilities.

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Four Small Simulation Suites

The small simulation suites can be constructed to resemble numerous clinical environments. The CSETC’s inpatient suites are large enough for faculty members to participate in the simulation exercise or observe remotely using the digital recording and monitoring system.

Twelve Clinical Examination Rooms

Each clinical exam room simulates a typical examination room in a physician’s office. A posterior corridor is equipped with one-way glass that allows faculty to directly observe the SP/student interaction. Every SP encounter is recorded through our state-of-the-art digital system.

Surgical Skills And Simulation Lab

The CSETC is equipped with an open skills laboratory where students practice basic procedural and surgical skills using more than 20 task trainers and other high-fidelity equipment.

Debriefing Rooms

The CSETC also houses meeting facilities for classroom work, CSETC encounters debriefs, and educational program planning.