The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine’s Clinical Skills Education & Testing Center (CSETC) is proud to offer high-quality, reality-based clinical learning to students across the OU Health Sciences Center. Opened in 2009, the 22,000 square-foot facility offers state-of-the-art learning experiences to personnel throughout our healthcare system. Your support of the CSETC is a true investment in the future of healthcare in Oklahoma and beyond.

CSETC Enrichment

Enrichment funds support the areas of greatest needs at the CSETC and your gift can make a true difference in the training of our students. Donations to the Enrichment Fund support new equipment, equipment maintenance, clinical supplies, student learning resources, capital improvements and our standardized patient program.

Endowed Support

Donors may consider substantial gifts made to endowed funds that will support the CSETC in perpetuity. Endowed funds are managed by the OU Foundation, Inc. and generate interest annually for use by the receiving department. If you wish to learn more about endowed funds, please let us know.

Interested in learning more about ways to support the CSETC? Please contact us at 405-271-2769 or email

The University of Oklahoma Foundation is the principal organization through which charitable gifts are made and administered for the benefit of the University of Oklahoma. Visit their website to learn more about ways to give to the CSETC and the University.